Corporate Responsibility
Jeffrey Phlegar, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Janelle Woodward, President and Head of Investments
  • Employee Engagement
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Community Partnership
Convertibles Team
Thomas Wynn, CFA, Portfolio Manager
  • The Impact of Rising Rates
  • Lower Volatility than Stocks
  • Asymmetric Returns
ESG Perspectives
Erin Heide, Director of ESG & Sustainability Initiatives
  • Climate Risk
  • Standard Metrics
  • Engagement
Fundamental Equity Team
Carlos Garcia-Tunon, CFA, Head of Fundamental Equity
  • Covid's Impact on Supply Chains
  • Interest-Rate Policy Shifts
  • Chinese Regulation
Global Fixed Income Team
Stephen Cianci, CFA, Co-Head of Global Fixed Income
Neil Moriarty, Co-Head of Global Fixed Income
Lesya Paisley, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager
  • A Cycle Like No Other
  • Inefficient Bond Pricing
  • A Bifurcated Market
Global Credit Team
Eric Gold, Head of Global Credit
  • Rising Stars
  • Relative Value in Single Bs
  • Yield + Upgrades in Energy
High Yield Team
Andrew Susser, Head of High Yield
  • Inflation and Pricing Power
  • Interest-Rate and Credit Risk in High Yield
  • ESG Considerations in the Energy Sector
Macroeconomic Views
Steven Friedman, Senior Macroeconomist
  • Fed Pivots from Patience to Managing Inflation Risk
  • Conflicting Signals on Trend Growth
  • Macro Volatility to Persist